HACCP Production and Packing Services for Third-Party Companies

Planning, selection and graphic design

In today's competitive marketplace, packaging plays a pivotal role in capturing consumer attention, conveying brand identity, and ensuring product safety. Effective packaging design involves meticulous planning, thoughtful selection of materials, and skilful graphic design.

-The planning phase of packaging design sets the foundation for a successful outcome. It involves defining objectives, understanding target audiences, and establishing design parameters.

- The selection of materials is a critical aspect of packaging design that influences both the aesthetics and functionality of the final product. Sustainable packaging materials are increasingly favoured due to growing environmental concerns and consumer demand for eco-friendly solutions.

- Graphic design plays a pivotal role in shaping the visual identity of packaging and communicating brand messaging effectively. It encompasses the creation of logos, typography, imagery, and colour schemes that resonate with target audiences and differentiate the product on the shelf. ​ 

Production and Packing

Finished with the design of the packaging? 
Let’s get to the next stage!

- Raw Material Acquisition: The process begins with sourcing the best materials for your packing process and bringing the vision into the reality. We will source the materials and we will produce test packed products which will be presented and discussed with you to ensure full transparency and trust in our processes.

- Quality Control: You will have the final say! This means you are in full control of how your product is presented while we ensure that the packed product meets the HACCP standard. We are truly an extension of your business, and we do care for your products in the same way we care for ours.

- Packaging: Once the products passed the quality control, they are ready to be packaged. The packaging machines have multiple weighing heads and stations (with a maximum error of 1g) which allows for efficient and accurate packing of products into containers with consistent weights. This ensures product integrity, reduces waste, and enhances productivity in the packaging proces

 The machine can print up to 60 bags x minute and with our MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) your products will be in safe hands.

- Labelling and Coding:   Printed area containing product information, branding elements, nutritional facts, expiration dates, lot codes or batch numbers are affixed to the packaging on surfaces as big as 107mm x 200mm.

- Final Inspection: The packaged product undergoes a final inspection to ensure that all packaging and labelling requirements are met. Once approved, the packaged products are palletized and prepared for storage in our state of art warehouse, prepared for shipment to distribution centres, retailers, or directly to consumers.


Warehousing and storage of goods

Are you in need of storage space? We’ve got you covered!

  Located in Due Carrare, close to Padova and a triangle of motorways (A13, A4, E70), our warehouse is HACCP approved and can accommodate up to 200 pallets at very competitive rates.

 Give us a call today to discuss this opportunity!

 We will ensure that all stages of warehousing your products, from Receiving and Inspection, through Documentation, Palletisation, Maintenance and Inventory to Dispatching and Distribution will be carefully followed by our staff, some of them with over 10 years of logistics experience.

 By following this process, our warehouse team can ensure efficient, organized, and secure storage while maintaining product quality and integrity throughout the supply chain.


If you don’t have your own transport and would like us to organise the collection or delivery of your goods from / to a place of your choice, then we are here to support you!

With bespoke rates negotiated with our transport partners we guarantee that your products will be delivered on time, with utmost care and at the best available rates.

Customs Formalities

 If you are an oversee company that would like to work with us, we are happy to put at your disposal our knowledge, expertise and help with customs formalities. These refer to the procedures and documentation required by customs authorities when goods are imported or exported between countries. These formalities are essential for regulating international trade, ensuring compliance with trade regulations, collecting duties and taxes, and protecting national security and public health. Common customs formalities include Documentation, Customs Declaration, Duties and Taxes, Inspections and Control, Customs Clearance and Risk Management.

END to END Service

We truly offer a comprehensive and integrated service for all your needs, and we would be thrilled to get to know your business and how we can add value to your current processes.

 If you think your share the same values and ethos as us, why don’t you give us a call to discuss any needs? We can’t wait to learn more about how we can help you!