Servizi di Confezionamento Alimentare conto terzi HACCP 

1 - Planning, selection and graphic design

In this phase, our company works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and to design and provide an appropriate packaging solution. Factors such as the type of food product, regulatory requirements, branding preferences, and visual/aesthetic aspects can be taken into consideration. The selection of suitable materials and graphic designs is crucial to ensure product safety and appealing presentation.

2 - Production and Packaging

Once the design is finalized, our company will take care of the production and packaging of the food products:

flow-pack packaging and square bottom envelope

• vertical packaging up to 60 bags x min.

• packaging in MAP protective atmosphere

• prints the envelope description automatically, print area 105 x 200

storage of finished products and delivery

• regulatory support for labeling and much more

This phase includes the choice of ingredients, the proper handling of food, the use of specialized machinery for packaging and the application of HACCP standards to ensure safety and hygiene throughout the process.

3 - Warehousing and storage of goods

After packaging, the food products are properly stored and stored in our facility or in a dedicated warehouse. It is crucial to ensure that the storage conditions are suitable for the food products, considering temperature, humidity, and storage time requirements to maintain the quality and safety of the products.

4 - Delivery

The delivery phase involves the organization and coordination of product distribution to customers. We can deliver directly to retail points, distribution warehouses, or even end customers. We ensure to take measures to maintain packaging integrity during transportation and adhere to relevant transportation and logistics regulations.

Extras - Import and Customs

We put our knowledge at your disposal for the import of food products, this phase includes help in the management of customs procedures and the necessary formalities for the passage of goods across international borders. It is important to be aware of customs regulations and specific restrictions for food products to ensure proper importation and compliance with local regulations.

Complete END to END Service

These phases represent a complete cycle for the food company. We are committed to following best food safety practices and ensuring the quality and integrity of packaged products.