Who we are

Sun-dried or shade-dried dried fruit

Escape from the frantic reality of everyday life and treat your body well by choosing our sun-dried or shade-dried products. Beauty and health go hand in hand. Take some time to slow down in our store, and everything you are pursuing will come to you.

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Who we are
• Packaging and Wholesale of Dried Fruit
"We are a team of individuals who, with passion, have set the goal of improving everyone's life through our products. Our company, present in the Retail market since 2018, is always seeking innovations and solutions to bring to the end customer. Knowing the challenges we have faced, starting from 2023, we offer companies the opportunity to go beyond our Third-Party Packaging service and provide complete 'End to End' support, as detailed on the page."services


Administrator and Supply Chain Director, Andrea is the driving force of the company. He loves staying constantly busy, as it helps him understand and enhance the figures. He is determined, utilizing his professional abilities to serve the company and aid its progress.


Valeria loves facing challenges. Thanks to her experience as a designer and marketer, she helps the company grow exponentially. She is one of the brightest minds.